Remember Lineage? Back in the day (1998) it was a pretty popular game, until the US servers were shut down in 2011, but in South Korea, the game is still going strong. Recently a 64-year-old woman, sued NCsoft over the loss of a super rare item. How did it all turn out?

The 64-year-old gamer got her hands on an incredibly rare sword in Lineage, the Jin Myung Hwang’s Conduct Sword, which has fetched up to $28,000 on the virtual resale market. Somebody really loves that game.

As in most games, a player can enchant items to make them stronger or add new features. Often in games, there’s a chance that the enchantment will fail and the item be destroyed. It’s the chance every gamer takes, but would you take that chance with a virtual item worth 28K?

The woman suing claims that she accidentally tried to enchant the sword while trying to enchant a much cheaper item. NCsoft refused to restore her sword so it’s off to the courts. NCsoft wasn’t going to just lie down though, they presented evidence to the court establishing her pattern of enchanting items, even buying in-game scrolls that increase her ability to enchant items. The court ruled:

Other items were enchanted along with the item in question so it is hard to rule out that losing the item was an isolated case.

The court went on to say that even if this instance was a mistake, NCsoft does not legally bear the responsibility to restore the item.

We can all feel her pain, although I would have sold that sword about 5 minutes after I finished my happy gamer dance around my computer and pocketed the $28K. On the other hand, NCsoft could have just restored the item with a provision that if the item was lost to enchantment again, that was it.

What do you think?

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