On this website, we call ourselves “bastards” in a humorous, self-deprecating manner…

But the video below shows a REAL bastard in action:

This video was uploaded to a Facebook Profile on October 20th…Apparently, the poster is also the culprit–but he deleted the vid once he realized it had gone public. This waste of skin thought it’d be funny to knock a Predator cosplayer off a platform outside the Bullring shopping centre in New Street, Birmingham in England. The performer fell square on top of a small child directly in front of the platform.

Information on what, if any, injuries the cosplayer and/or the child suffered is not currently available, and neither have filed any official charges with the local police, thought according to Twitter they are “making enquiries”.

Malicious mischief like this is not only unfunny–it’s sadistic and dangerous…and those who perpetrate it are not harmless pranksters, they are criminals.

To all our British readers in and around the area of Birmingham: If you recognize the individual in this video, or have any further information regarding the assault, please do the right thing and contact West Midlands Police on 101.

If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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