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ABOVE: Artist Isaiah Stephens created series centering around the Disney princesses…and what their Halloween costumes would be!


Joker (or guy dressed as the Joker) got arrested for drunk driving. In this case, the Joker didn’t get away. Robin still smells. [ToplessRobot]


Femme God of War Kratos cosplay. If I like this, does that make me a war monger? [FashionablyGeek]


BEST IDEA EVER! Drawn by Felipe Torrent and written by Ryan Ferrier, Team Gold Force 4 imagines The Golden Girls as former government assassins who are now in the witness protection program. [NerdApproved]


Heisenberg Pumpkin – This Pumpkin is the danger! [ThatsNerdalicious]

James Bond submarine car

Some guy hopes to make James Bond submarine car a real thing. I’m only interested if it will include a roof missile launcher. [SlashFilm]

Batdad is back in another hilarious vine compilation. He’s the hero his kids deserve. [BatDad]

First person Pokemon. See a battle through the eyes of our favorite yellow nugget-shaped mouse. You’d almost feel bad for him getting his tail whipped, but then again he’s not real and neither should your feels. [Machinima]

YouTuber EdwardsLandingLights is back with another meme-tastic Halloween light show for 2014, synchronizing his home’s outdoor lighting with Ylvis’ ridiculous viral hit The Fox. [TheAwesomer]

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