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It’s almost time for Thor: The Dark World to grace American big screens so I guess that means people will be wanting some of the latest info.  Well, we here at the big NB have gotz it for you, that’s fer damn sure.  As a matter of fact, we gotz the news on an AMC Thor marathon coming up, as well as the first reviews of Thor: The Dark World.  Check below to discover our Thor-gasmic secrets.

In celebration of the Thor: The Dark World release, AMC Theaters is putting together yet another Marvel-tastic marathon for you to watch.  You can get a triple dose of the hammer-wielding hero on November 7th at 2:30 PM by sitting your butt down for eight hours and viewing Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World.  This event is happening all over the place, so just check your local theaters to see which ones have got the goods.

Next up, those damn Brits have had the chance to see our movies before us yet again.  And since Thor: The Dark World has already released in the UK, we might as well have a listen to what they have to say about it.  Here are a few (annotated) samplings of said reviews, courtesy the hard work of the folks at ComicBookMovie:

Digital Spy’s verdict –

Despite its occasionally bipolar quality, Thor: The Dark World is a hugely entertaining and sharply written continuation of Marvel’s Phase 2, combining heart, spectacle and a shrewd lightness of touch.

Empire Online’s verdict –

…it’s also packed with a Smegload of fridge moments, those pesky plot-holes that will keep you awake at 3am, while its grasp on science (or, as Thor would have it, magic) is fairly flimsy, with respected actors spouting nonsense about gravitons and wibblyflibs like they’re in a 1950s B-movie… But the whole thing clips along at such a brisk rate — at just over 100 minutes (not including credits, or post-credit stings, or post-post-credits stings) it wraps up when most blockbusters are grinding their gears — and is so entertaining that it doesn’t seem to matter.

Hey U Guys’ verdict –

…Hemsworth has taken such ownership of Thor that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing him. He is an engaging presence throughout, but it’s when he is paired with Hiddleston’s Loki that we get the film’s best moments. Elsewhere Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is smartly given more to do without her screen time feeling forced, but it’s a shame we don’t get to see more of Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and the Warriors Three, who are restricted to fleeting, if entertaining moments. Nonetheless, Thor: The Dark World is an ambitious, thrilling and often hilarious superhero sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter’s verdict –

Amiable hunk Chris Hemsworth may play the title character in this sub-set of Marvel’s meta-Avengers franchise, but this well-intentioned “witless oaf”… is practically a guest at his own party here, as scads of new characters and millions of dollars worth of CGI crowd the screen. Most of it pales into insignificance when Loki takes the stage… Although director Alan Taylor manages to get things going properly for the final battle in London, the long stretches before that on Asgard and the other branches of Yggdrasil are a drag…

/Film’s verdict –

Thor: The Dark World is as funny as it is exciting. A slick balance of action, humor and comic book sensibilities. Fans are going to find so much to like about this movie, not only because it’s fun, but because of its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides the two credits scenes, Thor: The Dark World has ramifications that’ll be felt for years to come. So while the film might not have the psychological complexity or sheer scope of the previous two Marvel movies, it’s more balanced and feels weightier.

The Playlist’s verdict –

The result is a film that is enjoyable in spots, but haphazard and ultimately unsatisfying… For all the good gags and eye candy, this ultimately boils down to yet another quest to find a magical MacGuffin that will stop a portal in the sky from opening… And while the hardcore geek crowd may eat that up, the rest of us need these films to distinguish themselves a little more if we’re going to have one every six months.

The Wrap’s verdict –

Filmmakers haven’t put a lot of new ideas between Chris Hemsworth and his hammer, but there are enough thrills and laughs to keep it aloft. …plenty of excitement and panache to make it lots more fun than the first one. This time around, we get no ticky-tacky small-town sets, and director Alan Taylor strikes just the right balance.

And Variety’s verdict –

…as helmed by Alan Taylor, this robust, impersonal visual-effects showpiece proves buoyant and unpretentious enough to offset its stew of otherwise derivative fantasy/action elements.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up and for more on the reviews, head to ComicBookMovie.

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