It’s the midst of all this promotion for Thor: The Dark World, it seems that we’re getting a lot of news and insight about movies that are not called “Thor: The Dark World.” To wit, in new interviews with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, the el hefe of all things cinematic at Marvel talks about the far future of his studio: specifically, the development of 2015’s Ant Man and the indeterminant release of a little project called Black Panther.

First, while in discussion with IGN UK, Feige talked about what we might expect the upcoming Ant Man movie to look like, and the producer called it, of all things, “a heist movie.” That gets two thumbs up from me, the idea of a super-powered Ocean’s 11 or The Thomas Crown Affair, because I think any other direction might look like a superhero version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

In other news, Feige adds that the casting of Ant Man himself should be a done deal by year’s end, and that we might also expect to see a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer by the time the clock runs out on 2013 too. Check out the IGN interview below:

Next up is Feige’s interview with BlackTree TV in which he discusses the actual fact that a Black Panther movie is in development. Feige confirmed it saying “we have plans to bring him to life someday,” which is a cause for optimism, but is also a cause for pessimism given the “someday” timetable. Feige points out though that the concept of vibranium has already been introduced so a bit of that ground work’s been laid. Here’s the interview from BlackTree:

Tune in tomorrow, or perhaps even later today, for the next edition of “Kevin Feige talks about other movies that aren’t the one coming out in two weeks.”

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