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ABOVE: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Every nerd’s worst fear – no wifi!!!! [Tumblr]

Gimli braided beard

If you have really really really long hair and a lot of time on your hands, you can braid yourself the most epic dwarf beard the world has ever seen this Halloween! Step by step instructions are on Pinterest.

spooky food

Super-Mom Samantha Lee makes her kids super nerdy (and sometimes spooky) meals for her two daughters.  I wonder if she’s interested in adopting another kid? [Geeks Are Sexy]

Friday the 13th engagement photo

I’ve grown really tired of nerdy engagement/wedding photos. They usually just rehash the same “wedding party running from aliens/dinosaurs/monsters/whatevers” schtick. However, this Friday the 13th inspired shoot is FANTASTIC! Check out Geekologie for more amazing photos from the shoot.

katniss chocolate

In case you’ve ever wondered what Katniss Everdeen tastes like, Vosges Chocolate has the answer.  She tastes like hickory smoked bacon and alderwood smoked sea salt. The chocolatier has released a line of Catching Fire inspired luxury chocolates. If you’re fortunate enough to live in the Capitol, you can buy 18 truffles for $225. If that’s too pricey, there are 12 chocolate bars, each representing one of the districts, for $7.50 each. Plus, there’s the Katniss bar pictured above, along with an Effie and President Snow chocolate bars. (Thanks to @TheDesignerGeek for the tip.)

firefly board game

Shiny! ThinkGeek has a Firefly board game! Okay, truth be told, I can’t get excited about this because it makes me think of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game that was the Hellmouth of all board games. Did any of you have it? The instructions made no sense, the game made no sense. It was of the dumb. Hopefully, this Whedonverse board game is actually playable.

NPH Alice family

I really don’t think it’s possible for Neil Patrick Harris’ family to be any more adorable. Oh…. no, wait…. Fashionably Geek has pictures of them dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz.  They should go as the Avengers next year.

elvira vamp 2

Demeter fragrances are known for being a bit unusual and now they’re launching a line inspired by everyone’s favorite campy lady vamp, Elvira. There are 3 scents in the line: “vamp,” black roses, and zombie…. not to be confused with their earlier line of undead inspired fragrances. FYI, if you want to grab one of their regular zombie perfumes, you have until midnight on Halloween to buy them!

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of stupid people in scary movies saying “I’ll check it out” and “let’s split up.” [Laughing Squid]

Even if you never watched Goosebumps (or read the books) you’ll still marvel at this awesome metal rendition of the show’s theme song. [GeekTyrant]

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