Many of us grew up on the classic Charles Schulz Peanuts movies.  Yeah, they were old and goofy but they had a classic appeal that was much more entertaining than your typical made-for-kids fare.  Now, it looks like Fox is going back for more, attempting to milk the Peanuts cow a bit more.  And, oddly enough, they’ve picked up Paul Feig to help produce the new flick.

Those that know Feig probably remember him as the guy that directed Bridesmaids or perhaps from his work on The Office.  Being that the new Peanuts movie will NOT be a live-action flick (thank the fkn gods for that), this will be Feig’s first try at working on an animated film.  Not to mention the ‘G’ rating is a far cry from what he may be used to.  However, if Feig is to be believed this is a dream come true for him.  He confessed to being a huge Peanuts fan and is eager to get started in reviving the name.

But will the new Peanuts movie measure up to the originals?  Or are we looking at another pile of crap with a famous name slapped on it?  Apparently, along with Cornelius Uliano (known for relatively little), the continued line of Schulz is helping to write the script.  Both Craig Schulz (the son) and Bryan Schulz (the grandson) will have a hand in preserving their family legacy.

Look for Peanuts to hit the big screen in a couple of years, come November 6th of 2015.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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