Time for a ‘Firefly’ Reunion – on ‘Arrow’


Arrow’s been pretty good about employing well-known faces of sci-fi and fantasy – think of appearances by the likes of Seth Gabel (Fringe), Alex Kingston (Doctor Who), and Kelly Hu (X2) – and this season, Firefly star Summer Glau joined the fun as Isabel Rochev, a rival industrialist threatening to take over Oliver Queen’s company. Now Glau is best known for her breakthrough role as River Tam, but soon she will be joined in Starling City by a fellow member of the Serenity’s crew. (Hint: it’s the guy in the picture above.)

That’s right, fans, Glau’s on screen brother Sean Maher is coming to town to taunt Stephen Amell’s arrow-slinging vigilante in the tenth episode of Arrow’s second season, and he’s playing a recognized DC Comics villain to boot. Maher will play Shrapnel, AKA: Mark Scheffer, who has the ability to transform his body into organic, regenerating, metallic armor, which he can also cast off his body as exploding projectiles. Of course, Arrow being somewhat more reality based, expect this Shrapnel to be reconfigured to suit the CW series oeuvre better.


Not Arrow’s oeuvre.

Anyway, good news for anyone who likes to see the talented cast of Firefly steadily employed. What do you say Bastards, looking forward to more Maher? Any requests for future Serenity crew appearances? Sound off below.

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