Were you enjoying Cartoon Network’s new animated series Beware the Batman? If so, then you’re probably wondering where it went on your TV schedule. Well don’t look to the Cartoon Network for answers because they are about as helpful as yelling at a cloud when it interrupts your sunny day.

To recap, the series premiered back in July as part of the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. So far it’s aired 11 episodes, the last one being on October 5th. There are still two episodes left to air, but without any notice at all, Cartoon Network has pulled the series and DC Nation schedule was amended without any fanfare. However, a clever blog called Nick and More took note of the sudden, unexplained change and posted about it. Comic Book Resources followed up and after some cajoling, got the following statement out of Cartoon Network.

“Currently, ‘Beware the Batman’ is no longer on our air. DC Nation will continue on Saturday mornings at 10/9c with new exclusive shorts and a full hour of encore episodes of ‘Teen Titans Go!’”

So now you know… Well, nothing. That adds nothing to the conversation at all. So what’s a Bat-fan going to do? Sit down and cry maybe? But there is hope. Sort of. CBR reminds us that Anthony Ruivivar, the voice of Batman, tweeted that the show will be back in January, but added that Beware the Batman “is currently not airing new episodes. Stay tuned and thanks for your continued support.”

Adding insult to injury, Mary Sue writer Jill Pantozzi points out that both Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were pulled, put on hiatus, and were never heard from again. So is this the end Beware the Batman? I guess we’ll find out in January.

More news as it develops.

Source: The Mary Sue

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