So, it looks like someone was able to manipulate a shower scene in the game Beyond: Two Souls to get more explicit version of the sequence, and the people over at Sony are not amused.

While the game was released to mixed reviews, it’s being praised for its storytelling and is obviously a huge step forward for the gaming industry. Starring both Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, an unprecedented casting for a video game, what could have been great progress toward video games being considered as a viable means of storytelling may end up leaving a sour taste in the mouths of other big name actors.

Page, who has a well-known restriction on nudity in her roles, was featured in the aforementioned shower scene, but, due to different camera angles, a full-bodied model of Page was never shown—that is, until someone managed to get the camera to move freely. Using a debugged version of the game, it’s possible to see a fully fleshed out body, and video of this has been leaked online.

While it isn’t really Ellen Page’s body, her likeness is being used for something that she didn’t give permission for, which is obviously a huge problem for Sony. In response to the leaked videos, Sony told Cinema Blend that “[t]he images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page,” and have proceeded to request that, not only all clips and pics be pulled, but all related articles as well. We have not heard anything concrete about whether or not Ellen Page will threaten legal action against Sony for unauthorized use of her likeness, but we will be sure to bring you that news as it comes in.


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