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A little ways back, we gave you the skinny on Bruce Campbell making an official (or at least public) statement that Army of Darkness 2 is indeed on the list of things to do in the near future.  Now, as if anyone was in doubt, it seems that Sam Raimi will be coming back to the director’s chair as well, reuniting the dream team for a flick that people have been begging for ever since the first was released. The source of said statement concerning Raimi’s return is none-other-than Fede Alvarez, the guy what did the Evil Dead remake.  When one fan queried Alvarez as to his potential involvement in directing the second Army of Darkness movie, he responded by stating in no uncertain terms that Raimi is going to be doing it.

So, good news all around for once!  We can all sit back and squeal like schoolgirls as Raimi and Campbell make their way to the eventual shooting of what will hopefully be one of the best sequels in the entire universe.


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