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Model Eve Beauregard‘s Rihanna battle damaged Power Girl cosplay. [GAS]


Star Trek vs Star War pumpkin carving. This would cause a bottleneck at the door of nerdy kids, arguing about who would win. which would quickly escalate into a small, vicious riot, of thrown mini Snickers, Milky Way, and Candy Corn.


A beautiful and very real Legend of Zelda master sword. Built for durability, and to perform as a live sword for performance cutting. It is not a  toys, wallhanger, or stage props. They are built to perform to their purpose, of cutting grass and smashing pots. [Kotaku]


Build your personal Mos Eisley cantina with these Star Wars bar stool. [ThatsNerdalicious]


What’s your pleasure? If 3D stained glass art is your thing, then this insanely creepy Hellraiser piece will change that.  [Nicole Cantú]


When Disney buys Star Wars, CinderLeia happens. [Kat Kurtis]

First, Professor X fires Wolverine, and now it’s Gambit’s turn. I’m sorry I know this is a spoof but how exactly is having the ability to turn literally anything into an explosive lame? [Pete Holmes]

Who ya gonna call? The Homemade Ghostbusters take down plastic bag Slimer with plunger powered proton packs and only in-camera effects! Homemade Movies ain’t afraid of no ghost. [CineFix]

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