Each and every time DC Comic‘s Dark Knight is reintroduced to the big screen one of the (if not thé) most important reveals is how the cowl and Batmobile look on film. Think of the elation you felt when you first saw Michael Keaton in the suit next to Anton Furst designed Batmobile or Christian Bale in the armored cowl and imposing Tumbler in the Christopher Nolan films (not to mention the kick in the gut that was the first look at a cowl’d George Clooney.) So how will Ben Affleck look as Batman? What shape will his Batmobile take in Batman vs Superman? We’ve picked up a few rumors that show some promising details.
Let’s start with the suit. Comic Book Movie claims to have a source close to the Zack Snyder production that has seen the current design. Notably they have explored multiple directions including a Batsuit similar to how the character appears in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game that was ultimately (and luckily for us) dropped due to similarities to the Nolan films. This nameless source claims the current and possible final design is closely related to the Caped Crusader’s look in the Lee Bermejo illustrated Batman: Noël 2011 graphic novel. Black and grey with a less armored more padded look with shorter ears. On a semi-related side note, apparently we will also see a new look for Superman in the film as the source says there are two separate teams working on the suits.

As for the Batmobile, rumors state that Batman’s main mode of transportation is once again in the hands of General Motors. Reportedly, engineers at the GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood are currently working with production designer Nathan Crowley, and engineers Chris Culvert and Andy Smith (the three men responsible for bringing the imposing Tumbler design to life.) A source told Batman on Film that the next Batmobile will not have the same militaristic feel as the aforementioned urban combat vehicle from the the Nolan films, but may retain a few elements reminiscent of the Tumbler. The source also mentions that an ‘old Cadillac’ will feature prominently in the movie but gave little to indicate if it would be the next Batmobile or just Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne ride.

Since all the above info is sourced from the typical nameless insiders, I wouldn’t start planning my Batfleck cosplay just yet. However if this is the direction the production design for the Man of Steel sequel is headed, if they actually are taking a queue from Bermejo’s Dickensian Batman, Personally I’d say it is a step in the right direction. If I had one little wish for the next big screen Dark Knight it’d be that he is finally decked out in the black and grey of the comic books. Maybe it’s time to move past the solid black look. Take a look at the cowl and Batmobile from Batman: Noël, I’d say that would work very nicely for the next time we see Batman up on the big screen.



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