Many of you, I’m sure, are eagerly looking forward to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor. Me too, believe me! But in addition to the proper 50th anniversary special, I’m also eagerly awaiting Mark Gatissdocu-drama about the early days of Who, An Adventure in Space and Time. Starring David Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell, Gatiss calls the drama his “love letter” to Doctor Who. Speaking with Digital Spy, Gatiss said of casting Bradley as Hartnell,

I’d had David Bradley in mind for some years but it wasn’t simply a question of a good likeness! David is such a fine and delicate actor, I knew he’d find something wonderful in the part.

There’s no doubt, once in The Doctor’s getup, Bradley’s likeness to Hartnell is uncanny. And judging from his many years of work it’s easy to see Bradley has the same ‘gruff but likable’ quality Hartnell did. I cannot wait for a trailer to finally release! For more from Gatiss and Bradley, head on over to Digital Spy.

In the meantime, Bleeding Cool shared these fantastic looking, retro posters the BBC has worked up for the program.



There’s still no official airtime, for either side of the pond, but the program’s been schedule to air November 24th in Australia, so… Perhaps it’ll air on BBC and BBC America that same day? Fifty years plus a day after the series initially began.

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