It seems that, despite the critical and box office success of the Evil Dead remake, director Fede Alvarez and writer Rodo Sayagues won’t be returning for the potential sequel to the rebooted franchise. In a recent interview, Sayagues said that neither he nor Alvarez were involved with the film in any way.

This is surprising news as the pair was previously working on the sequel’s script, and with the news that Sam Raimi would be returning to direct Army of Darkness 2, it really seemed like we’d have the two stories running concurrently. Sayagues says that they chose to leave the project in order to focus on other projects (namely a film adaptation of Dante’s Inferno for Universal), and is unsure if the producers are going to follow through with the sequel.

It’s not often that I enjoy a horror movie, but Evil Dead is an exception, so this is crappy news for those who were looking forward to more of this rebooted version of the franchise. As Sayagues mentions, there was an idea of an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness combined film, which I was really looking forward to, but it looks like those hopes have been dashed. You can check out the interview below, and check back on Nerd Bastards as news on the fate of the Evil Dead sequel develops.


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