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ABOVE: It’s almost Halloween, so there a ton of nerdy, spooky and scary cakes out there right now. This Dexter cake from Cake’s Cove is the best of the bunch – partially due to the awesome photoshoot they staged. I wonder if the cake tastes like the tears of disappointed fans?  [That’s Nerdalicious]

kid jareth

Cutest goblin king ever. [Home Geekonomics]

devil horse cake

This cake! Oh lord this cake! Not only is this devil horse freakin’ creepy, it has Kraken rum pouring out of its nose! Red velvet cake and Kraken? I don’t care how terrifying this cake looks, I want to devour all of it. By the way, this cake is huge. It’s sitting on the floor and is probably about 4 feet tall. [Geeks Are Sexy]

graphics through the ages

I don’t know how many of you are like me and thought the Alice in Wonderland game you played on your Commodore 64 had the most amazing graphics EVER,  but even if you haven’t been gaming for that long… this comic sums up your entire experience with graphics. [Dorkly]

wonder woman corset

I am completely obsessed with SilverLeaf Costumes. This is their Wonder Woman corset and costume, but they also have Iron Man, Captain America and Batman.  It’s too late to pick this up for Halloween, but really, do you need it to be a holiday to wear a superhero corset?


Everyone needs to carry a towel at all times. All good nerds know this. But let’s face it, carrying a towel can be a bit cumbersome. It would be great if you could get away with carrying a washcloth, but we know that won’t cut it. So what’s a person to do? Well, Nerd by Nite came up with this excellent DIY towel messenger bag that solves all of your problems! Now you’ll always know where your towel is and you’ll have a place for anything else you want to have on hand when the world ends. [Neatorama]

rorschach pumpkin

It seems like everyone is carving a minion into their Halloween pumpkins this year, except fellow nerd and Watchmen fan Brayden Sato who carved this incredibly detailed Rorschach pumpkin. I can’t get over the elaborate shading on here. I’m lucky if I can carve decent triangle eyes on a pumpkin. [Between the Pages]

zombie kettlebell

What do you get when you combine the zombie trend with the cross training trend? Zombie kettlebells! The exercise equipment you never knew you needed!  These are amusing, but would you really use them? I mean, I’d totally use these – but I’d be using the 18 lb version because I am tiny and wouldn’t survive 5 minutes in the zombie apocalypse. Unless there’s some rule that zombies don’t eat redheads. We don’t have souls so maybe we aren’t very tasty? Anyway, if any of you buy these you MUST take a photo of yourself using them so we can post it in a future Nerdy Bits! [Geekologie]

Bloody brilliant! American Idol alum Todrick Hall reworks Chicago’s Cell Block Tango for Disney villains and the result is Spell Block Tango. [The Mary Sue]

Horror villains hilariously divvy up Halloween scares via video conference. [Geeks Are Sexy]

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