‘Star Blazers’ Anime Getting its Own Movie


Anyone out there remember an old 70s anime by the name of Star Blazers?  Ya know, the one with the giant battleship that flew through space?  Somewhere in the back of my memory this cartoon lurks, and with it are pleasant memories.  Now, even those with absolutely no familiarity with this old property are going to get a taste of it soon, as the powers-that-be have declared that Star Blazers is the next product to undergo the big-screen adaptation treatment.

The new flick already has a writer/director lined up in the form of Christopher McQuarrie (Jack and the Giant Slayer, Jack Reacher).  And if it proves successful at the box office, they may just keep doing more of these things.  Of course, big budgets and old ideas have proven to be less than box office gold in the past, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they put together.

So far, we have a brief synopsis of the proposed movie:

Earth’s atmosphere has been obliterated by a distant alien race, and the survivors have one year before radiation will reach their underground refuge and wipe out the human race. The survivors get a shot of hope in the form of alien technology that can deliver a small crew across the universe and back with the means to stave off extinction.

Giant ships battling in space?  Yes, please!

Anyone else out there remember Star Blazers?  Do you think it deserves some big screen time or should they leave it dead and buried?


Thanks to Blastr for the heads-up.

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