The latest word is that director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, Intruders) is taking the reins for Paramount‘s reboot of Stephen King‘s Pet Sematary. That movie hold a sacred place in my heart, who might they get to play Fred Gwynne‘s Jud Crandall role?


Gwynne was what really made that movie special. Without an actor that can bring that same creepy-as-hell vibe, I don’t think any reboot will be successful. No matter who they cast in the lead. Although I will also say that if they use some exotic pet like a monkey or ferret to bring back, I’ll be walking out of the theater at the point that becomes apparent.

Their working with a script written by Matt Greenberg (The Prophecy II, Reign of Fire) and David Kajganich (Blood Creek) and I wouldn’t expect the reboot to stray too far from the original. Perhaps we’ll get some more of the visual history of the site this time around instead of just a few flashbacks.

What do you think? Just another reboot from a Hollywood that can’t or won’t try something new?

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