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Even when How I Met Your Mother isn’t very good, it’s still pretty good. A lot of folks are hatin’ on the show, toting that it has run it’s course, that the characters have become caricatures of themselves and how it’s been drawn out and isn’t as funny as it used to be. I certainly agree that sitcoms have shelve lives on how long they can be good, but 9 seasons in, HIMYM is still relevant to the 20/30 somethings and funny. This is the last season, it’s going out on good to moderate laughs and charm, just it time before it jumps the shark. Oh, wait, CBS is working on a How I Met Your Father spin-off? Yep, imma redact my previous statement. *facepalm*

According to Deadline the network is now in talks with 20th Century Fox TV for a lady-centric spinoff unofficially entitled How I Met Your FatherHow I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are developing the concept with Emily Spivey, best known as the creator of NBC’s short-lived Up All Night.

How I Met Your Father would center generally on a new group of friends in New York, and specifically on one woman’s quest to find her Mr. Right. The series is not expected to include any of the current HIMYM characters, but may incorporate the original gang’s go-to spot, McLaren’s Pub, as a location.

How I Met Your Father, huh? Yeah, I liked it the first time when it was called Maury. I dunno of this is a bad mistake or bad idea. Either way, a gender swapped version of the same show with nothing connecting the two is not a good idea. I understand that HIMYM is CBS’ second highest rated series, after The Big Bag Thing, and as such they aren’t quite ready to let it go. But, HIMYM is basically a remake of Friends. If this spin-off sees the light of day, it will undoubtedly suffer the fate of Joey. Or how about these 3 words: That 80s Show.

Seems to me the folks at CBS need an intervention.

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