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Relax, bitches. I’m on the case.

Alas, we here at Nerd Bastards must report that something we said a little while back was, in fact, false.  While the Internet feeds us the information of the world, for some reason there’s a small chance (very tiny indeed) that people actually get it wrong.  Who would have known that this miracle of modern technology could feed us lies?  And this week’s Internet BS correction is – Fede Alvarez will indeed be directing Evil Dead 2 (the future one that is, not the one that’s already been made).

There was a bit of word-salad going on and some people said that their friend told them that this one guy at the mall heard it from their ex-girlfriend who totally knows Alvarez – no lie! – that he and scriptwriter Rodo Sayagues were bowing out.  Or it could have been Twitter or something like that.  Anyways, it’s all crap.  Alvarez is still in.  So is Sayagues.  What he actually meant (and this is according to Alvarez himself) is that they’ve got to get Army of Darkness 2 done before they move on to the Evil Dead continuation.

So fans of the Evil Dead remake can relax now.  Fede Alvarez is in the building and prepared to direct the living shit out of you.


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