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ABOVE: Some girl pulled off one of the simplest and most effective Jack Skellington cosplays ever. [CarlyPaigeMakeup]


Tabitha Lyons and the team over at Artyfakes Action-Props are responsible for this EPIC Dragonlance cosplay. [Super Cosplay Girls]


Patrick Stewlobster won Halloween! I wonder if Sir Ian was in the kitchen melting the butter when this was taken. [@SirPatStew]


When thinking of how to make Stay Puft ediable for human consumption, Nerd by Night tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something from their childhood… and, well, meringue cookies is what they thought. [Technabob]


Would feasting on some moist Doctor Who Cassandra lasagna be considered an act of cannibalism? [deviantArtist mikedaws]


The Kerry Hotel in Shanghai created this million-ball ball pit by filling an 82-foot x 41-foot wide (25m x 13m) swimming pool with green and pink balls to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention. I could spend all day Scrooge McDucking it around in that pool. [Geekologie]


Timing well with all the Arkham Origins buzz (seriously, have you played it? It rocks!) SnakePitStudios is selling full-on accurate Deathstroke costumes for coplays, or for your aspiring mercenary adventures. You can get the whole outfit or just the helmet, sword or other accessories. [SnakePitStudios]

ismahawk took one of the biggest kids shows of the 1990′s and one of the top grossing films of all time and crossed them over to see what it would be like if The Avengers was a 90′s kids show similar to The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! [ismahawk]

It took vocalist Dan Buckley about five nights to record all of the 66 different voice tracks he used to create his cover of Danny Elfman’s spooky holiday classic ‘This is Halloween’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas. [TheAwesomer]

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