More than a few people are planning a boycott of the film adaptation of Orson Scott Card‘s novel Ender’s Game. Card has become infamous over the years for his homophobic beliefs and connections to anti-gay hate groups, and many sci-fi fans do not wish to support the work of an author with such extreme and negative beliefs.

Well, I have good news for such individuals: Card won’t be getting his hands on dollar one of the Ender’s Game film profits. The situation was explained at The Wrap 2 days ago: Thing is, a film version of Ender’s Game has been in the works for many years now, and Card sold the  rights to his novel long ago–without negotiating any deals regarding the back end.

In simple English: The jackass already made all the money he’s gonna make off this movie when he sold the rights. Ender’s Game could make a trillion dollars at the box office–it could become the beginning of a franchise with more films than Star Wars or Star Trek, and poor Orson won’t be owed as much as a “thank you” note.

Now, it could be argued that even if Card won’t be making any money (well, any MORE money) off the film, there is still reason to boycott it: Film adaptations often result in renewed interest and increased sales of the source novel (that’s how my lifelong love of Dune began).

The film itself may not line Card’s pockets, but it could be considered a 2-hour commercial for the book.


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