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Day one of Walker Stalker Con is in the books and there was a ton of fun stuff to check out: Cosplay (Like the group above.), every conceivable piece of The Walking Dead Merchandise, Celebrity Guests, and Panels.

Let’s start with the layout. I picked up my press pass on Thursday since I had another errand downtown anyways, but I checked out the will call line and it was moving very briskly. In fact most people walked right along the velvet guides to the front, where a Walker Stalker volunteer was ready to hook them up with badges, autograph tickets, and convention pamphlets.

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The convention floor layout looked good. Registration (Will Call), the Dealers area, and Celebrity Guest areas are all at America’s Mart Building 3 is in huge room on the first level. Parking under building 3 was available and about as cheap as you could get for downtown prices.


The Convention Panels and the Andrew Lincoln Signing area are in the Ballrooms over at the Westin, which is about two blocks from Building 3. You can go through the walkways between the America’s Mart Buildings, so you don’t have to go outside.

There was a lot to see in the dealer’s area, here’s some things that stood out to me today. This is just a taste, there were a hundreds of T-Shirts, Action Figures, Posters, Original Art, Make-up effects, just about anything Zombie or Walking Dead related could be found there.

I went to two panels today. The first was with Eric and James, The Walker Stalkers. They talked about putting together the convention and gave everyone tips on how to make the most of the convention experience. Here’s a couple of pictures, this is the main panel room at the Westin.

The second panel I attended was with IronE Singleton, T-Dog.The moderators knew they were in trouble when IronE came on stage, saw the couch, and proceeded to lay down and being a session of therapy. He talked about a number of things, and answered a lot of questions from the audience.

This included a request for his interpretation of T-Dog as a zombie, where he shambled across the stage until he broke out and did a respectable Thriller dance. At one point he called Melissa McBride and asked her why she was burning bodies. We didn’t get an answer, but it was fun and got the audience rolling.

There was plenty of Cosplay to see around the convention floor. Here are some of my favorites.

Even if you didn’t have a costume, there are a number of vendors in the dealers area doing quality Zombie makeup jobs.

David K. McGee brought the replica Daryl Dixon motorcycle he built from scratch. He’d gotten some autographs on the tank. You’ll probably see him in tomorrow’s post, he does a killer Hershel Cosplay. Check out his Facebook page for more on the bike build.

Another really cool thing was all the different things people were getting autographed. The usual posters and pictures, then there was this:

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Isn’t that a cool idea? The same guy was getting a Walking Dead SNOWBOARD signed by everyone in the cast.

Then I saw this:

That’s Mike Christopher from the original Dawn of the Dead getting a tattoo. Yep, there are at least two tattoo artists ready to turn your autographed flesh into a permanent tattoo.

Before I close this out, I’ve got to mention two stand-out moments during my day at Walker Stalker Con. The first was when I ran into Erin Gray.

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That’s right, Wilma from Buck Rodgers was walking the convention floor. She wasn’t there as a guest, yet she was still was willing to stop, chat a moment, and take a picture with this forever grateful fan.

The reason she was there was to check up on her celebrity clients that were in attendance this weekend. Her company, Heroes for Hire represents a number of The Walking Dead cast including Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden, as well as Revolution‘s Giancarlo Esposito.

Which leads me to the second moment that made my day:

I had to have that Breaking Bad 8 by 10 and asked him to sign it: “I used to knock.”

The day was a lot of fun and the rest of the weekend looks to only get better. The big Walking Dead celebrities will be hitting the convention floor Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be there and bring you everything I see.

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to attend a ten person Press Roundtable with Andrew Lincoln tomorrow. I’ll also be around the convention floor, asking some of the other Celebrity Guests questions as the day progresses. I plan to attend the Greg Nicotero panel,  the Giancarlo Esponito panel, and the Danai Guira panel tomorrow. I’ll bring you all the news, pictures, and interesting tid-bits from those panels.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan and are in, or within driving distance of Atlanta this weekend, you really need to come down to the Walker Stalker Convention.

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