Here we go, your weekly taste of the amazing nerd based art to hit the net this week. It’s your Nerd Art Dump, so enjoy this whirlwind trip of the webs finest.

ABOVE: What started out as a simple request, take the classic Beatles Abbey Road album cover and replace the band with characters from their favorite fandom has ended with ‘Geek Road‘ by the amazing Aviv Or


Quaint cottage? It’s a trap! Artist  Jeff Bennett has taken the paintings of Thomas Kincade and placed them firmly under the fist of the Galactic Empire. Star Wars storm troopers, Imperial Star Destroyers and Hoth-crushing AT-ATs invade the quiet and peaceful landscapes of Kincade in this amusing and fun series.


The Circus has always featured heavily in the Batman mythos but in Mr. Joker’s Gotham City Circus, A new print made for Steamcon V by Claire Hummel, we see a twist on the theme. The clown prince of crime hosting his own three rings of mayhem? Definitely worth the price of admission.


Dwayne de Kock  (renegade21 on has taken the family friendly characters from those Pixar cartoons and tossed them into the gritty worlds of today’s popular video games. Other character crossovers include a Red Dead Redemption version of Toy Story‘s Woody, the old man from  Up as Snake the old man from Metal Gear Solid, and Buzz Lightyear getting promoted to Commander and tossed into the world of Mass Effect.


A twist on a classic scene from Dragon Ball Z! by Wang Xin giving us a fresh look at the the climatic battle between Goku and Frieza as the planet Namek collapsing around them. via GeekTyrant.


Isaiah K Stephens has taken the men from some of Disney’s most popular cartoons and dressed them up as other pop-culture characters for Halloween. Hit the link to see the full series featuring some rather creative mashups.


Artist Tom Whalen has complied the amazing portfolio of the Universal Classic Monsters. The set includes ten 18″ x 24″ screenprints and a as of yet unrevealed diptych. This is perfect for any fan of Dracula, The Wolf Man and all the rest. One catch though, to purchase it you have to get in on the lottery at the above link, so good luck!


Lastly, deviantART’s Kibbitzer gives us an anime toned Deadpool in the middle of chimichanga induced bliss with kawaii chimichanga :3 that closes everything off perfectly since I am seriously craving some tacos and a little bit of crazy… see you next week!

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