‘Doctor Who’ 50th to be Preceeded by Two Minisodes


It’s been a long drought between Doctor Who episodes. Albeit, part of that’s been anticipation and build-up for the landmark 50th anniversary episode of the show, but seriously, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new adventure featuring our favorite Time Lord, or any of his variations. So to get the hype going for the November 23 worldwide launch of “The Day of The Doctor,” the BBC is releasing not one, but two, Doctor Who minisodes to wet your appetite for the big show.

According to Digital Journal, one minisode is nearly four minutes long and called “The Last Day,” and the other is nearly seven minutes long and is called “The Night of the Doctor.” Although both episodes will likely find their way online, it’s expected that one of them will air during the BBC’s annual Children in Need fundraising telethon on November 15 along with the trailer from San Diego Comic-Con for the 50th anniversary special. A Doctor Who minisode is usually a part of the telethon, so I’m sure it’s a lock.

“The Day of The Doctor,” featuring current Doctor Matt Smith, his immediate predecessor David Tennant, and the never-before-heard-of John Hurt incarnation of The Doctor, will air November 23, simulcast worldwide. The episode will air in TV and in select theaters in 3-D.

More news as it develops.

Source: Blastr


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