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The Walker Stalker Con plowed on through the weekend. There was plenty of Cosplay, a concert by Emily Kinney, and a huge Zombie Bash Party to wrap up the night in addition to all the panels and autograph/photo op sessions of the day.

Saturday at the Walker Stalker Con was a full day of zombie madness. I almost didn’t make it home when the tow truck in front of me lost the car it was towing as it made a right turn downtown. Luckily, I was still alert enough after such a long day to slam on the brakes. Here’s some of the Cosplay from the two days.

The ticket lines were a little longer Saturday as the people only planning on doing one day came to the con. The registration lines were moving well.

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The lines for the celebrities seemed to move fine, but the two big ticket actors, Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus‘ lines has some issues. The Reedus line quickly started to snake toward the dealers area, blocking a clear path through, but it was soon handled.

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The Andrew Lincoln lines over at the Westin Ballroom on the other hand had several issues. The sheer amount of people trying to get in line, along with other issues, created perhaps the biggest issue at the convention. It certainly was the most talked about and hottest push-button issue on Saturday for most people.

The Andrew Lincoln panel was pushed back 45 minutes to give the actor time to eat a quick bite.The panel was great and I’ll cover that in another post with details from all the convention panels. I was worried that the Press Roundtable scheduled after the panel might get canceled because of the backlog of appearance signings.

I went down to the Ballroom area a few minutes before the panel ended. All the people that were still in line from the 10AM signing had been given a slip of paper so they could come back and get at the head of the 2PM line were crowding the area. This caused some strained discussions among fans and the local Fire Marshal trying to keep the area clear. Even though volunteers were trying to assure fans they would get in, many fans were confused and anxious.

Thankfully, the press roundtable was not canceled, The convention staff were very intent on meeting all the obligations of the day. I was directed to a side room where I and eight others were seated in a semicircle with Andrew seated a a table in front. You can check out that interview at a separate post later today.

Here’s some other things I saw that day around the convention:

Emily Kinney held a concert later that night. She sings beautifully in person, so those of you wondering if her singing on the show was auto tuned, you can rest easy. There was no need. I picked up her new CD, an autograph and picture after she and her band from New York played eight or nine songs. She also sang the song from the show. You can check out her music at her site.

After the concert there was a Zombie Bash Party in another Ballroom. SecretRoom.net set up the party and DJ Nemesis was handling the turn tables. There were dancers in Zombie get ups, and a buffet with a cool zombie ice sculpture.

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I called it a night after the Zombie Bash. Sunday was much calmer, and it gave me the chance to talk to some of the guests that were much busier on Saturday. I also got to meet up with Laurie and her daughter. She won a pair of Weekend VIP passes in NerdBastards‘ twitter contest. It was great to meet a NerdBastards’ reader in person, she said they were having a great time.

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Overall it was a great show. Of course there were issues around the convention, but for a first time convention, Eric and James hit it out of the park.

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