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And you thought they had tied everything up in a neat little package. Shoot, they even paid Cary Elwes enough to come back for a couple of days of work. Regardless though of what you may have thought, sources say that Lionsgate is looking to get back into the Jigsaw Killer business by putting an eighth Saw movie into active development.

It’s been three years without a Saw installment, a former Halloween staple for nearly a decade. It seemed that the studio ceded the ground to new horror franchise Paranormal Activity, but after that series missed 2013 maybe someone at Lionsgate is sensing a void. But whatever the reason, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that discussions have begun on a new film, however there’s no rush. “There appears to be no rush on Lionsgate’s part as they’re seeking the perfect take to move forward,” says the website. “There were rumblings of a remake, while many insiders tell us they want to continue with Saw 8.”

Interesting that the topic of conversation is Saw 8, and not a Saw reboot. If I were a betting man, I’d say that Saw 8 will be a reboot/sequel that introduces us to a new Jigsaw who will use a series of death traps as life coaching for people with issues. Likely, the film will also return to its lo-fi roots by going super-indie and less 3-D ambitious seeing as how the final entry, which, while successful, didn’t match the franchise high-point Saw II.

We’ll have more news as it develops, but let us know what you think: anxious to see another Saw movie, or let the damn thing rest?

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