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Sometimes the Internet is a harsh mistress, raising our hopes and then laughing manically as they come crashing down around us.  All we can do is pick up the pieces and move on, though sometimes the bad news is enough to scar us for life.  This time the Internet brings us the horrible words of Bruce Campbell who has stated that there will be no Army of Darkness sequel.

Of course, we’ve heard words coming from his mouth as well as the mouth of Fede Alvarez that were pretty damning as far as confirmation of the project was concerned.  Sure, things you hear on the Internetz are not always based in reality, but WTF guys?

Check out what Campbell has to say in this brief interview below:

So, Nerd Readers – is Brucey giving us the god’s honest truth or is he toying with our emotions?  Were the old words misinterpreted or just an accidental slip of the tongues?


Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the heads-up (and for making me nerd rage out for the last five minutes).

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