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There’s been plenty of speculation about what we can expect from the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.  Most people seem to be in the same boat when it comes to believing that we’ll see some young Solos and Skywalkers running around, but it looks like that might not be the case.  There’s a casting call going on right now in the UK and the characters they’re looking for – the mysterious “Rachel” and “Thomas” – don’t seem to be part of the old crew at all.   Check out the casting sheet below for all the details.

star wars casting sheet

Normally I might claim that the names are just place-markers (which they probably are, considering their non-Star Wars feel), but the descriptions of the characters are fairly specific and neither of them sounds like they come from the Solo or Skywalker clan.  So are these the two leads, or just some side characters?  How far out into new territory is Disney prepared to go with Episode VII?  With an estimated release date of late 2015, they still have plenty of time to toy around, so we may just have to wait… and wait… and wait before our questions are answered.

So what do the folks at home, sitting in their comfortable chairs and eating Cheetos have to say?  Stick with the old families or is it better to try something completely new?


Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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