Over the weekend at Walker Stalker Con I had the opportunity, along with eight other media outlets, to sit down and ask The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln one question. The only rules were, no pictures and no questions about future episodes or spoilers. What would you have asked?

This was the “Make-My-Weekend” event for me. The roundtable was scheduled to happen right after Andrew Lincoln’s panel. The 1pm panel got pushed back to allow Andrew a chance to grab a quick bite, he’d been meeting fans and signing autographs since 8am that morning. The delay ended up being just about 45 minutes, but he stayed longer to make it up to the fans that packed the panel ballroom. Here’s a couple of clips:

I slipped out a couple of minutes early so I could get down stairs for the roundtable. That was were I walked into a bit of a mess. There was a large group of people from the 10am line with signed slips that the volunteers were attempting to get in to the front of the line. An agitated Fire Marshal was there and there were some issues about these people blocking the entrance. There was some back and forth that wasn’t pretty. Things eventually got handled though and everyone got taken care of.

What concerned me at the time was that I couldn’t find the person I was supposed to met for the press roundtable. I stayed around the area and luckily, got shifted around by the milling crowd to the left where a door opened. I quickly asked for my contact. Thankfully it was her. I soon had a slip of paper with the number 6 on it in my hand and was taken into a room off the main ballroom with the selected group of media.

We sat in a semi-circle in front of the table where Andrew sat and proceeded through our questions. Here is an audio recording of my question, and then one of the entire Roundtable.

*I’d like to give special thanks to Jonathan James of Daily Dead who sent me a copy of the audio, I dropped my recorder that morning in the parking garage and it broke into way to many pieces to ever put back together. Check out his site, tons of zombie news.

I think my second question tickled Andrew a bit. My favorite part of his answer was when he said:

It’s hard you know,  We’re way ahead of you guys already, and we’re desperate to tell you . . .

Here is the complete Press Roundtable recording. When you listen to the recording, you’ll hear the following media participants, in the order they asked their questions.

Jason Bailey – On Air Host for 92.9 the Game

Rodney Ho – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Joe Blackmon –

Emma Loggins –

Marissa Melton – Voice of America Radio

Dave West (aka Phantom Troublemaker) – NeedlessThingssite

Tara Gross – The Geekiary

Jonathan James –

The whole experience is one I’ll remember for a long time. The chance to talk with the lead of a number one television show, 20 million viewers a week including DVR viewings, while the show is still shooting, doesn’t happen every day.

Andrew was very personable, while at the same time, there was an intensity to his manner. When he was talking with you, you had his whole attention. He was very grateful for the fans, and proud of what the show has become. If you listened carefully, he often pointed out how incredible the people he worked with were, both cast and crew, and the incredible work we’d all see on-screen soon.

Check back tomorrow where I’ll have  around-up of all the panels I attended through the weekend.

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