We’ve had Godzilla Vs King Kong, Freddy Vs Jason, Aliens Vs Predator… Now, someone’s had the good sense to finally bring us a rumble worthy of the backwoods of North America, the battle of the hairy beasts of the forest. It will be werewolves versus Bigfoot action when Hollywood producers get through adapting the comic, Savage for the big screen.

The Wrap announced today that a couple of producers have chipped in to get an adaptation of Savage going. Two production companies called Pathbender and Outliner are combining their efforts, with E. Thompson (Hansel and Gretel Get Baked) and John Adams producing, while Mark Morgan (The Twilight Saga) oversees everything as executive producer. James Cotten, director of La linea and second unit director on Hansel and Gretal Get Baked, will direct.

Well, it’s certainly a motley crew they’ve put together to make the film, which is fitting since it was a motley crew of comic creators that put Savage together in the first place. Created by Jeff Frank, co-written by Frank, Dan Wickline and Steve Niles, and drawn by award-winning artist Mike Mayhew, Savage follows a man who hunts and kills supernatural creatures, and in the process comes across an epic battle between a pack of shape-shifters and a Sasquatch. Hopefully, this will be actually epic and not kind of dumb and convoluted, like the Underworld movies.

What to you Bastards think, Bigfoot versus werewolves: yay or nay? Also, any bets you wanna place?

Source: The Wrap

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