Latest actor potentially attached to the oncoming Jurassic Park fourthquel? One Jason Schwartzman. Best known for appearing in basically every Wes Anderson film ever and as Ramona’s evilest of ex-boyfriends in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Schwartzman is now attached to Colin Trevorrow‘s Jurassic World. (Maybe.)

Hypable has the scoop claiming they learned this news from a very reliable sources. (Oh, aren’t they all?) They then contacted Schwartzman’s publicist who neither confirmed nor denied the development, which in the entertainment biz means a solid maybe! We can now add his name to an ever growing list of potential stars including Bryce Dallas HowardJosh Brolin and Idris Elba, along with confirmed participants Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson.

Will Schwartzman travel to Isla Nubar? If so, in what capacity? Disgruntled archeologist? Ladies man theorist? Or, gonna-get-eaten-by-a-dino lawyer?

Source: Hypable via /Film

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