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A few days back the Internetz had some things to say about the potential of another Max Brooks project being put together.  This one would be based off his comic series, Extinction Parade and would feature a vampires vs. zombies scenario.  And instead of putting it on the big screen like that steaming pile of crap they had the nerve to call World War Z, this one would be making its home on TV.  Now, it looks like Brooks himself is saying that the project is more than just a rumor.

In a recent interview, Brooks was asked face-to-face whether we would be seeing Extinction Agenda on TV anytime in the near future.  He had these words of wisdom (translated from the French) to share:

…I want to make the distinction between the television networks and the production company. Sometimes people get confused, and they say ‘Oh! Are you talking to HBO?’ And I say no, no, no. It is a company, a very famous company that makes a lot of very famous movies, but I can’t say their name until the ink is dry. But yes, we are negotiating the deal right now.

We don’t have a specific channel yet. I think the first thing we have to do is figure out what kind of show we want it to be, and find the network that would be appropriate.

I don’t know what has to change for a television audience, because a television audience is different from a comic book audience. But the one thing that the company has agreed to, which is the most important thing for me, is that the theme, the message, will be the same – what we think makes us strong actually makes us soft and weak. The vampires, they think they have all these gifts, strength, agility, immortality. All these gifts are exactly what makes them soft and unable to adapt. And that’s the whole reason I wrote it. As long as we keep that, then we can make cosmetic changes. I don’t mind, but I don’t wanna change the message.

So, good news for Brooks fans!  Now all we have to do it sit around and wait for a year or so until they get the damn thing ready to air.  Where’s a T.A.R.D.I.S. when you need one?


Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads-up.

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