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ABOVE: The Hobbit menu returns to Denny’s with new items. I shall be going to Denny’s for breakfast and second breakfast. [ThatsNerdalicious]


The $160 Deluxe Voltron Hoodie available from 80’sTees.  Show you’re megazoid pride and defend your virginity.


Cosplayer Lyndsey E’laine pulling off a super steampunk inspired Harley Quinn. Don’t get to close, she’s dynamite.  [CBM]


Lou Lou P’s Delights are responsible for these Alien chest bursting macaroons. They look how I feel after eating too many of them. [foodiggity]


Well it’s about time. A Gold Girls LEGO minifig set. Thank you for being a fig! [Geekologie]


The Death Star owner’s manual tells you everything you ever wanted to know, except how to avoid being blowed up by a small rebel group. [io9]

Blacksmith and armorer Tony Swatton operates a company called Sword and the Stone that makes weapons using methods similar to what they used in the old days. His hit YouTube series Man at Arms has featured a number of awesome weapon builds, and his latest is a replica of  Thor’s hammer similar to the one used in the upcoming film Thor: The Dark World. 

Local news reports “The Cake is a Lie” scrawled on chalkboard is evidence of paranormal activity. How embarrassing. Who’s narrating this, Agent Coulson? [Geekologie]

Scientifically accurate Thundercats. I can’t see many cat lovers liking this video. This is the Internet, we worship cats. It’s no good to poke fun at our cultures most cherished form of amusement. [Dorkly]

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