The second trailer for Jose Padilha‘s RoboCop reboot has hit the Internet. All those folks that were so upset when the reboot was announced might have to un-bunch those panties. This trailer looks fantastic!


It’s hard to imagine a cast that includes Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson, could possibly end up in a stinker of a movie, but even I had my doubts in the beginning. It’s what happens when someone messes with a childhood favorite. Although it looks like we can put our pitchforks back in the barn. If this trailer is any indication, there’s a lot for RoboCop fans to look forward to.

What did you think?

Thankfully they’ve left out some of the signature RoboCop quotes. I’m sure we’ll get to hear them in the movie, but I’m glad Padilha is not relying on those in the trailers to bring fans to the RoboCop table.

This RoboCop movie has a warrant for your arrest on February 12th, 2014.

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