Once more into the Ghostbusters 3 rumor mill, dear friends, once more. Or close the wall up with our Ghostbusters 3 dreams dead. I thought I was out, but they keep pulling me back in. This time around Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are added to the Rumor Mill Mix.

This latest Ghosbusters 3 rumor has deals on the table for both Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. What the specific roles would they play? The names Anna and Jeremy are being throw around, but no one really knows for certain. The majority of the Internet is betting they’ll be a son and daughter of some of the original Ghostbusters crew, taking up the family Proton pack and busting some ghosts.


Bill Murray is still out. The fact that this rumor doesn’t try to drag that beaten to death cat out of the same bag makes me wonder if this rumor might have some legs. My hope is that is the movie ever gets the green light, Murray might relent and at least do a cameo.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the plot of the third Ghostbusters movie. Many fans and pundits have said this movie should be a passing of the torch to the next generation of actors. Something to re-energize the franchise.

What do you think about this latest rumor?

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