Hellraiser fans were rightfully excited the other week when Clive Barker announced on his Facebook page that he’s been brought on-board to write the script and develop the concepts for rebooting the Hellraiser franchise. The cherry on top of that news-sundae was Doug Bradley, Mr Pinhead himself, was also coming back to reprise his role. That’s fantastic news, but the next question for fans is: Who should direct?

Now let’s go ahead and deal with those of you thinking to yourself, “Why shouldn’t Clive Barker direct it himself?” Here’s the facts. Barker hasn’t directed a movie since 1995. That would make it almost twenty years since he last sat in that chair. Don’t get me wrong, he IS the only man who should write the script and plot out the story, but I don’t think he is the man to step behind the camera. We want a reboot that will re-energize the franchise, not another movie using outdated techniques.

There is a director out there Jonesing to get his hands on the Hellraiser franchise that deserves a look. Mike Le Han has put together a passion project that includes concept art and a teaser trailer for what he is calling Hellraiser: Origins. Here’s the concept movie poster:


Check out his teaser trailer:

I’d really like to see this guy get a shot now that Clive Barker is involved with the script.  It’s time for someone to take the director’s chair that has a real fanboy passion for the Hellraiser franchise.

What do you think? Does he capture the core concept of the franchise in that short teaser? Would you like to see more?


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