In the wake of the Disney Corporate Quarterly Earnings Call the other day, we’ve gotten a bunch of details on upcoming projects. There’s the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII, that huge Netflix/Marvel deal that will create four new live action Superhero shows. Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger also took questions. That lead to a quick comment that confirmed a new super secret television show that will join ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. What might that show be?

Here’s the question:

Alexia Quadrani – JPMorgan:

Just two quick questions. First just curious why you chose to put the Marvel movies on the Netflix site rather than one of your own platforms like ABC or ABC Family?

Robert A. Iger – President and CEO:

Well we are already producing Marvel shows for our networks. ABC has S.H.I.E.L.D. and is developing another concept and we have shows on Disney XD. When we look forward we realize that they were just so many Marvel shows we thought we could actually fit on to those platforms. So we looked at other opportunities, there was a lot of interest from variety of different distributors new and traditional platforms and ultimately Netflix went out. They’re in the business of creating original programming already, obviously, House of Cards is a great example of that. We saw a scenario where they were only going to continue to buy more original programming and this seemed like a good opportunity for us to provide them with some branded product that they haven’t had access to, except for the programming they get off channel, in other another after its aired. So good opportunity we thought for them and a great opportunity for us.

It’s just a quick side comment, but it does confirm that ABC will have additional Marvel programming coming to the small screen. It also lays out the reasons behind the Netflix deal. Over saturation is a concern, the Netflix deal seems like a good answer to that specific dilemma.

So, what show might we expect on ABC? There is that Agent Carter TV series that has been bandied about. I’m surprised that the Daredevil show went to Netflix. Lawyer shows have long been a staple on Network TV. Daredevil could represent superheros and villains during the day in court and fight crime at night. That would make a great network show.

What other Marvel properties do you think ABC might be developing?

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