The Man of Steel Live Fan Event just wrapped up over on Yahoo, a Q & A session promoting the films DVD/Blu-ray release next Tuesday. Obviously the lion’s share of the 60 plus minutes was spent talking about that movie, however rumor had it that we would see some new information on its still untitled sequel. So what did we we learn? 

The event was hosted by everyone’s favorite hockey jersey model/filmmaker Kevin Smith and featured Zack Snyder, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and of course  Henry Cavill. Questions floated in via twitter and pre-recorded videos, most of which were easy softballs for the panel to handle, ‘what was it like kissing Henry Cavill‘ type things. Snyder did use this platform to once again defend the destruction of a large portion of downtown Metropolis in the movie, even going so far as to name check The Avengers for messing up a few blocks of downtown New York in their flick.

Another huge sticking point for fans and critics was also addressed, the notion that Superman doesn’t kill with Snyder saying ‘that rule really only came from the movies. He has killed a few times in the comic books, in fact, he’s killed Zod a couple of different times.‘ adding that the choice to kill will ‘weigh on him in the future.‘ Is that a hint to what we will see in the next movie? Maybe? Who knows since if you were looking for some information about the next movie to be revealed at this event (I sure as hell was) we got very little. Luckily this is the internet and we can speculate wildly over the smallest things.

Kevin Smith and Zack did seem to dive into the geekry through the hour and talked about Lex Luthor’s hatred of Superman and his love of pointing out that he is an alien. Was this a confirmation that Lex is big bad in the next one? Well, it is as much of a confirmation as we’ve seen before.

Snyder did actually confirm the ‘versus’ aspect of the next movie is a definite. Batman and Superman will be at odds in the movie. In Zack’s own words ‘Whether they’re fighting and become friends or friends who then fight, it’s fun to see the conflict of relationships there. Of course, there will be some physical conflict there, too.

Is the title Batman vs. Superman? Worlds Finest? Well, no matter how much glee it would have brought to Kevin Smith, Zack was tight lipped on what the name of the movie will actually be.

Snyder did say that they have asked Hans Zimmer, the composer for Man of Steel as well as the recent Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, to return for this sequel, and while no contract has been signed they will ‘have him back for as many of these as he’ll come back for.’

Was there anything else?

Earlier in the week Kevin Smith had alluded to some art work being shown and yes there was some ‘art’ on display (which you can see below.) Snyder went to some of his favorite artists and asked them to give him ‘their interpretation‘ of the Man of Steel facing off against the Dark Knight. Theses are not official concepts, simply the individually artists interpretations. The paintings are currently being auctioned off in support of DC Comics We Can Be Heroes‘ charity on eBay.




So, with the movie still 2 years away at least now we know we still have a lot to be told about what the movie will be. So… we learnt that. We now return you to your regular wild speculation and rumor.




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