November 23rd is less than two weeks away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. Consider this the 11 days of Who-mas, Doctor-kah, or TARDIS-za. (Sorry, those were terrible holiday puns, I promise that’s the last you’ll see of them.) Anyway, let’s kick things off with fan trailers that put the BBC to shame.

There was a lot of anticipation built up for the first trailer for “The Day of The Doctor, and while what the Beeb threw together didn’t disappoint, it can’t compare to these fantastic trailers created by LastWhovianTrailers and VG934. These are YouTube accounts every Whovian should be following. Their impeccably made trailers cover everything; from entire seasons, to particular episodes, and of course, the 50th anniversary.

And these trailers do more than tease and tantalize, they also offer insight to some of Doctor Who‘s most mystifying story lines (i.e. the River Song saga) and tie together all 11 Doctors wonderfully. I’ve included a few of my favorite trailers below, but I encourage you to watch all of LastWhovianTrailers and VG934’s videos–that is, if you’ve got enough free time on your hands, or a time machine. And really, what better way is there to get ready for the 50th than saturating yourself in a montage of clips and quotes from science fiction’s longest lasting series?


The Doctor Who 50 anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor” airs simultaneously worldwide on November 23rd. Check your local listings for times.

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