Jaimie Alexander is no stranger to portraying a kick-ass lady in a superhero film or talking about the potential of Wonder Woman appearing in a superhero film. So it comes at no surprise that when MTV caught up with the Thor: The Dark World star they asked about the possibility of her playing Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, as has been incessantly rumored. Her response was coy as usual,

I’ve been a huge fan of Wonder Woman since I was a little kid. So I’m absolutely flattered that a lot of people have chosen me as their fan choice. I think that is pretty epic, and incredibly humbling.

Neither confirming, denying, or even hinting that she’s in the running for Wonder Woman. Plus, this is assuming Wondy is even showing up in Batman vs. Superman, another rumor the internet won’t let go. Alexander goes on to agree that fans have a strong enough voice to influence the studios, so if we want her to be Wonder Woman badly enough, it could happen. Adding,

Yeah, that’s pretty incredible, we’ll see. That would be rad.

We shall see, indeed. Is Alexander who you envision for the cinematic Wonder Woman? Do you even want Wonder Woman to appear in Bats vs. Supes? I’d rather she have her own introductory film, but I guess I’m all right with Warner Bros. and DC teasing her first. I don’t want Wonder Woman to turn into a supporting character for Batman and/or Superman is all, and I fear a role in Batman vs. Superman will do just that.

Source: MTV via Blastr

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