As the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who steadily approaches, each day gives us something new to get excited about. Today, it’s this butt load of new pictures from both “The Day of the Doctor” as well as Mark Gatiss‘ docu-drama, An Adventure in Space and Time.

And when I say a butt load, I mean a butt load. In the gallery below there’s over 30 images either from the episode itself or wonderfully detailed character images. Perfect for those looking to cosplay or those interested in getting a real close look at the new Zygons. The image I used as this article’s header, the one of Matt Smith and David Tennant pointing their sonic screwdrivers high, gives me chills. Only ten more days to go and I still can’t get over both Doctors Ten and Eleven will be starring in the same episode. [FANGIRLING]

I’m still convinced this Rose (Billie Piper) we’ll see in “The Day of the Doctor” is not the same Rose left in the parallel world with her own Doctor. Judging from how her eyes went all glowy in the trailer this must be some unknown offshoot of her Bad Wolf personality. Why else would she be dressed like some space hobo?

The images below come from An Adventure in Space and Time, the Gatiss-penned drama that will explore the early days of Who. Looking at these stills this docu-drama is going to look stunning, and very of the time. I’ve said it before, but it’s no less true now: David Bradley is uncanny as First Doctor, William Hartnell.

Thanks again to Doctor Who TV for their continued, diligent coverage of all things Who.

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