Let’s start by saying that Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim was the pure definition of a popcorn movie. Mindless meaningless fun meant to dazzle and entertain without asking the viewer to get to invested into it. The kind of movie you just sit back, relax, turn off the higher functions and enjoy; right? Wrong. We are nerds and that is not what nerds do.

Get ready to nitpick!

The fine folk over at CinemaSins have turned their acerbic wit to the giant-robo-on-giant-monster epic to compile nine minutes of the movies most egregious errors. Truth be told, it is really hard to argue with some of these (and personally I loved the crap out of Pac Rim,) check it out for yourself after the jump.

Seriously, even in the context of a mindless Jäger vs Kaiju slap-fest why the hell didn’t they haul that sword out earlier. Remember kids, when your giant robot is equipped with a big-ass-giant-monster-insta-killing sword use it first. And now you know…


via CinemaSins

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