Will Nightwing be ‘Arrow’s Next Guest Hero?


First the word ’round the campfire was Dick Grayson (as either Robin or Nightwing) would be making an appearance in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming film: Batman vs. Superman.

Now the buzz is Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen (for our older readers–no, not the guy from Bullitt and The Great Escape. He’s dead) will be appearing as the DC hero on the CW‘s live action TV adaptation of the Green Arrow comics: Arrow

Here’s why:

McQueen posted this pic on Twitter with the caption “Nightwing Training”. Followed soon by this Tweet:

All these really prove is A. McQueen likes to hit the gym in a Nightwing shirt. And B. He may or may not play a superhero on Arrow at some point…

Not a lot to go on, but stranger things have happened–and I’ve certainly reported on less plausible rumors. McQueen DOES work on a CW series, which makes him a good candidate to guest star on Arrow.

Plus, he arguably fits the role better than the individual that’s supposedly up for the part in Snyder’s flick.

Source: IGN

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