November 23rd is less than two weeks away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. Now in single digits, “The Day of the Doctor” is only nine days away! Yup, nine, as in that Doctor up there on the left in these paintings from the incredible James Hance. Probably best known for Wookiee the Chew, James also has some of the best Doctor Who art around.

Those paintings of Doctors Nine, Ten, and Eleven are all available in the deluxe Doctor Who Blu-ray set, as if you needed more reasons to buy besides having Seasons 1-7 on Blu-ray and a sonic screwdriver universal remote.

doctors3Not only is James’ artwork incredibly lifelike, but he manages to capture each Doctor so distinctly. In fact, I’ll just stop talking an let his artwork speak for itself.


oh yes


Of course, James doesn’t limit himself to only the reboot Doctors,

And Doctors soon to be,


Or, Doctors at all. James captures some of The Doctor’s most faithful companions beautifully.

sarah jane




Being an artist, it only seems right James would pay tribute to another great artist, as well as one of Doctor Who‘s best episodes.

van gogh

And sorry, it’s not like I set out to make anyone cry, but James is capable of conveying a lot of emotion with his brushwork.

For more of James’ artwork, and I know you want more, check out his official site. There are prints available for purchase if you find yourself with the burning need to own his work, and I can’t imagine you wouldn’t. Also check out his blog for frequent updates and plenty of progress shots.

Previously in 11 Days of Who, an adorable little Whovian cosplays as all 11 Doctors.

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