Hold on to your butts, Whovians, this prequel mini-episode, “The Night of the Doctor” is going to put one hell of a grin on your face! It’s exactly the kind of thrill only something as monumental as the 50th anniversary can deliver. And at only about seven minutes long it’s just a taste of what’s to come. 


Accurate depiction of me--RIGHT NOW.

Accurate depiction of me–RIGHT NOW.

Paul McGann!! Paul McGann is back for a brief, and sadly final appearance as the Eighth Doctor before he regenerates into John Hurt‘s Doctor, now confirmed to be Doctor 8.5, The War Doctor.

It’s… it’s almost too much take in, but I do love when a good rumor comes true. Seeing McGann as The Doctor again makes me so happy, and at the same time, fills me with regret it’s all we’ll ever see. But hey! A Classic Doctor did come back, officially, for the 50th anniversary special.

I’m about to watch this again, but in the comments below sound off with anything you’ve noticed. Like, who the hell are the Sisterhood of Karn? I’ll admit I had to look that one up, so for more info head on over to this wiki page.

UPDATE! The BBC have released this character still giving us a better look at the Eighth Doctor’s new getup,


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