One of the core mysteries of the Marvel Movie Universe and ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is how Clark Greg‘s Agent Coulson recovered from that horrific wound inflicted on him by Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and that sharp pointy staff of his. Did Marvel’s Asgardian All Father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) just spill the beans and offer us another clue? If you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World, and don’t want to know anymore than you already do before you see it. You probably shouldn’t read any more.

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OK, now that we’ve gotten rid of the dead weight, let’s talk about it. At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Odin is revealed to be Loki  in disguise. Of course everyone is wondering the obvious questions:

  • Where is Odin?
  • Is Odin dead?
  • Will Thor figure it all out in Thor 3?

The folks over at the LA Times Hero Complex had the opportunity to ask Odin himself about it:

On Odin’s fate at the end of Thor: The Dark World and what it means for Thor 3?

Sir Anthony Hopkins has this response:

I’m not sure. He hasn’t physically died on screen, but I played him as a man who’s on his way out. I think they would have to explain in “Thor 3,” if there is one, what happens to Odin. Or maybe it’ll just be a story line, maybe he went to Tahiti or something for a holiday. I don’t know.

Well, what do you know about that. Why would he say Tahiti? It’s not like there aren’t other exotic vacation places around the world. What really makes this interesting is that whenever Agent Coulson is asked about his recovery, he says, “Tahiti is a magical place.”

Could it be that Hopkins has read a treatment or plot outline about his character in next Thor movie, or even more likely, did someone tell him to say that when asked about Odin’s fate?  The Marvel Powers that be had to know Hopkins would be asked that question.

The tie in here is just too big to be a coincidence, although Hopkins could be tweaking our fan-boy noses, does he know enough about the current Marvel Universe to do it? There were rumors that he didn’t even read the full script for Thor: The Dark World beyond his own lines, but Hopkins debunked that by saying:

To be quite honest, somebody misquoted me the other day, said that I never read the scripts. Well, that’s not true. But basically I’m not really interested in Nordic mythology, which is so complicated, so I leave that to the experts, the guys who make these comic books. I take in the information that I need for the part of Odin, I get a general idea of it and just go along accordingly.

Perhaps someone should ask Rene Russo why she wasn’t given a trip to Tahiti after Kurse ran her through with his sword. All she got was a fiery boat ride to Valhalla.

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