Batman-and-batbotsJust when you thought we’d go a day without more Batman vs. Superman rumors… Someone goes and tweets something. Earlier today Umberto Gonzalez tweeted that a huge scoop from the Zack Snyder Man of Steel sequel was looming. What followed was… well another tweet. An intriguing tweet, I won’t argue that but still. The following is from film producer Daniel Alter, hit the jump to see the less than 140 character rumor du jour.

I guess that is plausible, we know Ben Afflecks Batman will be ‘…tired and weary and seasoned and been doing it for awhile‘ so I guess he could be sitting around in the Batcave commanding an army of Batbots (echoing both Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come and Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated.) We’ve heard rumors before about Dick Grayson being in the film and that the caped crusader would be estragned from his former sidekick. Could this be more fact than fiction?

I’d say the jury is still out. It is still just a tweet and for weeks we’ve endured rumor after baseless rumor. For the record Alter doesn’t appear to have a direct connection to the project but he is a producer (Hitman, Kane & Lynch) and has gone on record as being a fan of the characters involved. Maybe he did get a little slice of info on the film. 

For now I’m going to toss this on the big pile of maybe. Sure it sounds like a good idea, but since the project is still in its early days even if Alter is on the level with this it could still all change.

*Also, sorry for the massive alliteration in the title. It’s Friday and I amused myself. If you read it in the style of the announce from the 60’s TV show it’s even funner!

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  • Mortimer Tremblay

    What Could be worst than Ben Affleck…

    Multiple Ben Affleck

  • Chazmanite1138

    I hope this is just s unfounded rumor as that story seems so disjointed from anything we’ve seen from filmic Batman and sounds awful. I don’t want to see Bruce Wayne/Batman portrayed this way.

    I’ve never felt that Ben Affleck a Batman would ruin this movie, but this plot certainly could.

    • one that really bugs me about this concept (and I am about 75% sure its not going to be what we see on screen) wouldn’t you consider Ben Affleck’s Batman kinda young to be retired/semi-retired? If they are going to do the “old warrior Batman” maybe he should be older than 41?

      • Chazmanite1138

        I hadn’t quite thought of that because, to quote Indiana Jones, “Its not the years, honey, its the mileage.” And you have to admit that Bruce Wayne/Batman would have seen more mileage by age 41 than ten normal men would have seen between birth and death.

        But I do see your point.

  • derpa