November 23rd is less than two weeks away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. It’s now only five days until “The Day of the Doctor“, and while we’re not expecting any more Classic Doctors to show up, it’s sure nice Peter Davison could at least appear again, however briefly, in 2007’s Children in Need special, “Time Crash.

Why Doctor Who is so unique is its inherent ability to keep on going. Everything about the show is built around the concept of continuing, never ceasing, always running. Reaching its 50th anniversary isn’t simply a celebration of 50 years, but a celebration of Doctor Who being unstoppable.

Steven Moffat is fond of calling Doctor Who, “the show you can’t kill,” and 50 years of evidence proves just that. Every time Doctor Who looked as if it would get cancelled, or disappear from our collective culture altogether, someone, somehow would find a way to bring it back.

Finding a way to celebrate and capture the significance of the series’ 50 year history is part of fun that comes from reaching such a milestone. Below are a sample of ways in which fans are doing just that, paying homage to and cataloging 50 years of Doctor Who.

This is a rather well put together short doc about Doctor Who from Digital Spy called “50 Years of a TV Icon” and it provides a nice overview of why Doctor Who is so enduring.


And here’s another, truly spectacular celebration Doctor Who‘s 50 years. Created by Bill Mudron, this tapestry features significant events from The Doctor’s life; from Totter’s Lane to the Time War. You will most definitely want to click the image to embiggen, and you may even want own a copy yourself. They’re available for purchase from Bill’s website.


The fantastic art of Amy Mebberson has already shown up on our countdown in our favorite Doctor Who mashups, but this piece of her’s featuring every one of The Doctor’s lovely lady companions is a great way to revisit 50 years of Doctor Who. And, to help remember The Doctor is such a player. This is another one you really need to embiggen to enjoy.

On the 11th day of our countdown I featured the excellent fan trailers of LastWhovianTrailers and VG934. Several of their videos beautifully recap 50 years of Doctor Who, but I find that this video from Greg Walker does an even better job encompassing the entire scope of the series.

Not all recollections of Doctor Who‘s 50 years need be so serious, in fact, this history of Doctor Who – in song! – rather cheekily pays tribute to the series’ run. And it’s an impressive feat when you realize all the jokes and references they can cram in to this single take!

Lastly, I know you’ve probably seen it before but I can never get over what a great job The Fine Bros. did with this video. Recapping 47 years of Doctor Who in under six minutes is no easy task, but I sure hope they have a 50 year one in the works.

Here’s to another 50 years!

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