It started a few weeks ago, when the Nerd Media reported that Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs. Superman was seeking “a young John Hawkes type” for the role of Dick Grayson–who would appear as either Robin or Nightwing. Soon we began hearing the name of Adam Driver–a young actor who apparently fits this description.

Now Driver has finally gone on the record regarding the rumors–and apparently he knows less than we do:

Collider got Driver on video about the mumblings (below), where he claims there is no truth to the rumors–although if one is overly optimistic–one could point out that it’s less than clear WHAT Driver is denying here: That he’s been approached about the project? That he’s the front-runner? That he’s considering the offer?

All that can be said with any certainty is that NOTHING is set in stone–and all rumors should be treated as such, even when they come directly from the “source”.

Source: /Film

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